3 college students found alive, uninjured in cave

Staff Report
The Associated Press

AUSTIN - Authorities say three University of Texas students rescued from a cave had simply gotten lost while exploring.

The students emerged Sunday Night from Airman's Cave in Austin tired and hungry --- after more then 30 hours inside. They had no injuries.

Austin fire department Lieutenant Matt Cox says the students had left a trail of leaves during their exploration so search teams could find them if they got into trouble.

Family members identified two of the students as 19-year-old Jill Baggerman and 20-year-old Jeff Brown.

The name of the third student wasn't immediately known.

The students were found in a 500-foot crawlspace about the diameter of a sewer pipe. Cox says they waited there knowing search teams would come.

The group had gone into Airman's Cave on Saturday morning and told friends to call for help if they weren't back by midnight.

Rescuers first reported four students being lost inside the cave, then later learned there were only three in the group.

Authorities say the narrow, 12,000-foot long cave is one of the most difficult for cave explorers in Austin and an easy place to become disoriented.