ConAgra Foods voluntarily recalls it's all varieties of pot pies

Staff Report
NewsWest 9

First it was peanut butter, now pot pies, ConAgra Foods is again reacalling one of their products.

This time its on the banquet and generic brand chicken and turkey pot pies.

Fedral authorietes linked more that 150 cases of salmonella to this product in 31 states, including Texas.

Here in West Texas, H-E-B, Albertsons, Lowes' and Super Mercado immediately pulled these pies from their shelves.

"As soon as we read about the problem on the website, we just pulled everything off the shelf put it back in the vault," Supervisor Barnie Blont at Super Mercado said.

Earlier this year ConAgra also recalled all of its peanut butter due to a similar solmonella outbreak.