Top 2 officials removed at West Texas State School

Staff Report

The Dallas Morning News

The Texas Youth Commission removed the top two officials Thursday at its juvenile prison in Pyote.

Superintendent Mike Davis and Assistant Superintendent Billy Hollis were "recommended for termination," TYC spokesman Jim Hurley said.

Mr. Hurley said the action was taken because of "gross negligence" by the two, who had been in their jobs at the West Texas State School less than three months.

"We had a bomb threat out there this morning," Mr. Hurley said. "They were unable to be contacted for a number of hours. ... It was putting the lives of the staff and youth at risk."

No bomb was found, and no one was injured.

Mr. Hollis said late Thursday that he was too upset to comment about his removal. "I just need a couple of days to calm down," he said.

The Dallas Morning News featured Mr. Hollis in a story Monday about TYC's attempts to rebuild the image of the Pyote prison.

Two former administrators at Pyote, Ray E. Brookins and John Paul Hernandez, have been indicted for sexual abuse of inmates. Their alleged actions, and the subsequent cover-up by some TYC officials, led this year to legislative reforms of the agency and a complete overhaul of top management.