Mother bites school security guard after struggle

by Dan Bewley

A Grand Rapids, Michigan mother is speaking out about being arrested for allegedly biting a security guard at her son's high school.

It started Tuesday afternoon when Brown went to the school after she heard her son and daughter were involved in a fight.

Brown says the school's security officer pushed her several times while she was looking for her children.

"He never asked me to leave the building. He started assaulting me before he even, before I knew what was going on he was pushing on me," Brown said.

That is when Brown says her children, and their friends approached the security officer to see what was going on.

"I was protecting my mom, and I felt I was right. I got a right to protect my mom," Kejuan Brown, Mary's son, said.

School officials said Brown bit the security officer, and she admits doing so.

She says the officer was holding her nephew to the floor.

"I picked up a clipboard, and hit him upside the head so he'd let my nephew go," said Brown.

Brown admits having several run-ins with security at the school.

She claims her son has been unfairly targeted as a troublemaker, and feels she has never been given a straight answer from school officials.

Brown said she was protecting her kids and herself, and tells us she has no second thoughts and would do it again.

Two other people were arrested in connection with the fight that school officials say is still under investigation.