Steroid Testing For High School Athletes

By Jacqueline Sit
NewsWest 9

If the University Interscholastic League or UIL has its way, Texas student athletes could find themselves taking tests to make sure they're not using steroids.

Right now the plan is for the tests to be random, but Odessa High School football coach Ron King says random tests aren't enough.  Everyone should be tested.

"To me if you're going to do testing across the school, you need to do all the school not just a random test," Ron King, Odessa High School football coach, said.

The goal is to have the new rule in effect before November 9th, the end of football season.

Coach King says he hasn't seen any steroid use at his school, but he believes the testing could help.

"But if there happens to be a kid just finding that one kid maybe get him off of drugs or steroids, I think it's beneficial you never know what life you may save," King said.

The random steroid test will apply to all sports athletes, and it doesn't seem to be a problem for football players like Salvador Rodriguez.

"If you're doing it stop as soon as possible and don't do it anymore, if you're not doing it then you have nothing worry about," Salvador Rodriguez, an OHS football player, said.

Those who refuse to be tested will be treated as a positive test, which could result in a 30- day suspension for the first offense.