4 year old girl dies after falling over the side of the Grand Canyon

by Kevin Kennedy

The family was walking along a path, soaking in the breathtaking views.

Seconds later their 4-year-old girl went tumbling down the canyon.

Park Service employee Karyl Yeston said "we immediately put rescue person over edge on ropes - quite a ways down."

The little girl was with her family near Mather Point.

A guardrail surrounds the overlook but head down the path and there isn't one, just the steep and rugged cliffs.

Karyl Yeston said "it's steep - it's ledge drop - ledge drop - it's steep."

The paved path is only about 15 feet from the canyon's edge.

Park officials are still unsure if the little girl wandered away or if the family walked close to the rim to look over.

911 calls came pouring in as her father raced down the mountain.

Karyl Yeston said "the father down right away - after her - to do CPR."

Hours later, the Marshall family shows up from Washington D.C.

This is their first visit to the Grand Canyon.

Michael Marshall said "everyone think about that - bring kids up just want to hang on to them."

Park officials say the respond to about 2 to 3 fatal falls every year, but this is the first young child to die in more than 20 years.

A terrible tragedy that is now under investigation.