Fort Stockton Police Chief on Probation

By Wyatt Goolsby
NewsWest 9

In Fort Stockton, there has been a lot of restructuring of city personnel. And of course, the big question is: Why is the current Chief of Police, Juan Castro, been on probation? The announcement came in mid-September that he was two months into a six month probation period. However, city officials haven't commented on the specific circumstances or the reason why he is under probation.

One might think the responsibility of this whole probation period would fall under the jurisdiction of the city manager, Danny Valenzuela.  However, because he is the outgoing city manager, the city council has turned the supervision over to Mayor Ruben Falcon. NewsWest spoke with Falcon on the phone Tuesday. He said he doesn't want to comment on city personnel issues. He said he would rather leave it up to the city council, and said he trusts their judgment about making him the supervisor of Castro's probation period. With an outgoing city manager and a mayor unavailable for comment Tuesday, it was difficult to get any city officials to comment on the situation. NewsWest 9 will continue to cover this story, as well as other major city personnel changes.