Andrews Starts Teen Task Force

By Camaron Abundes
NewsWest 9

ANDREWS- Andrews teens may have a new ally in their corner, after city leaders, parents and teens started a new Youth Task Force, at last night's ASAP wrap up meeting.

They came together to wrap up last falls Andrews Strategic Action Plan meeting, but Monday night the focus wasn't on health care or the other things listed on the agenda, it was about coming up with a plan to help Andrews teens.

"It's great to have an organizational meeting like this but the question is can we work together to get things done?" said Erik Breden, an Andrews resident.

With that question on the table task force leader and former Andrews County Judge Gary Gaston asked those at the meeting to write down any ideas or suggestions on a three by five card.

"We hoped in the initial meeting we would find out how many were interested and maybe some of the issues. That was the purpose of the three by five cards," he said adding one groups input was most important, "We need those youth and we need their input."

Some say a string of within in the teen community, including two fatal car accidents and a suicide in August have demonstrated the need for the task force. They want more activities for teens, others say parents must stay involved.

"We can't do it for them, but what we need to do is create an environment that they'll feel comfortable coming into, and if they have problems or issues or anything than they will have someone to talk to," said Breden.

David Mitchell, superintendent of Andrews schools says Andrews is an amazing community, but like any community they are not immune to issues involving teens.