OHS Student Killed in Motorcycle Crash

By Michael Stafford
Newswest 9

18 year old Joseph Salazar of Odessa was riding his motorcycle on the U.T.P.B. campus Monday evening when he collided with a car.  

Investigators say Salazar was traveling at a high rate of speed when his bike rammed into a car, and burst into flames.

A frightened 15 year old Odessa Jr. High student Nichole Davidson feared the worst when she heard the crash, and couldn't believe what she was seeing.

"I was hitting golf balls and heard the crash and looked up and saw the flames, and I saw him fly over the car.  They tried to pull him away from the fire. It was really scary.  You don't see something like that very often," says Davidson.

Other witnesses say they saw someone try to administer C.P.R., but Odessa police informed the media just before six Monday evening that 18 year old Joseph Salazar had died.

A traffic team spent about two hours interviewing witnesses and trying to recreat the accident.
They're pretty sure that speed was definitely a factor.

If you've ever been to U.T.P.B. park, then you know there are no speed limit signs posted anywhere, but authorities tell us you should travel about 15 miles per hour, because of all the youth actitivies here. 

Authorities do say they think the victim on the motorcycle was traveling at a dangerously high speed.

"Both vehicles were traveling south from 42nd, and the car made a wide turn.  The victim on the motorcycle was traveling at a high rate of speed.  He tried to lay the bike down, and rammed into the car, and then the bike caught on fire. There are no speed limit signs posted, but you should be careful driving through a park with all the kids around here," adds Officer Gabriel Hernandez. 

Police say they found a motorcycle helmet at the scene, but don't yet know if Salazar was wearing it.

Ironically, officers say they believe the man driving the Honda Accord, 16 year old Ryan Herrera and Salazar knew each other, and were gathering at the park with a lot of friends for an activity.