Six citizens killed after shooting rampage in Wisconsin

by Leanne Gregg
NBC News

Residents of the small community of Crandon, Wisconsin are still in shock after a sheriff's deputy shot, and killed six young people who were attending a party during homecoming weekend. 
All of the victims were recent graduates or students.

Even more stunning for this community is the fact the alleged gunman was a law enforcement officer.

"The person who did this is supposed to be someone who protects people," said Jenny Stahl the mother of one of the victims.

Twenty year old Tyler Peterson was an off duty, Forest County Sheriff's Deputy.

The town's mayor said Peterson was killed by a police sniper.

"I hope no community has to go through what Crandon's going through right now, and I really hope that the people who passed are in a better place now," said a fellow student.

Peterson's motive is unclear, but witnesses said it could have been a jealous rage.

Peterson had recently broken up with a girlfriend, who is reportedly among the victims.

"He just kinda flipped out, he was a really jealous boyfriend because they broke up for a couple of months and he tried to get back together," said one teenager who knew the shooter.

The lone survivor of the shooting remains in critical condition.

School was cancelled Monday in Crandon.