Five people reported dead after shooting in Wisconsin

by John Lorinc

It's a sound residents of the sleepy northern Wisconsin town of Crandon weren't used to hearing.

"Initially it sounded almost like a hammer on tin- It was loud enough to wake me, but I wasn't sure it was gunshots," said Marci Franz, who heard the shots.

Early Sunday morning, a man identified by officials as a sheriff's deputy, opened fire at a home with several occupants inside.

Local media reported the people inside were teenagers or people in their early twenties, and suggests they may have been having a party.

After a manhunt that lasted several hours and caused the entire town to be placed on lockdown, police confirmed they were no longer looking for a suspect.

People in this town of two thousand are left shaking their heads.

"It does, that someone could do that- just go crazy and shoot a bunch of people- I can't even imagine it, like really," Shelby Votis, who lived near the shooting scene, said.

Law enforcement say the suspect worked for the Forest County Sheriff's Department, and also worked part time for the Crandon Police Department.

Local reports say the suspect may have known his victims, but that has not yet been confirmed by authorities.