Odessa Fire Department unveils new equipment to the public

Staff Report
NewsWest 9

Odessa residents will soon start seeing some brand new fire trucks out in service.

On Saturday, members of the community were welcomed to come take a look at some of the Odessa Fire Departments 10 new vehicles.

The unveiling all happened in the parking lot of the Music City Mall.

Folks were welcomed to take some pictures, and learn a little bit more about the equipment that is used by firefigthers and paramedics.

Members of the Odessa Fire Department say they're glad to have this new fleet of trucks.

"They are absolutely fantastic.  We've had a real good output from our community here as they've been coming to look at them, and they've been real impressed.  They're certainly glad to see them and ready for us to get them into service," Roger Boys, Asst. Chief of Operations at the Odessa Fire Department, said.

The Odessa Fire Department hopes to start using some of these trucks in the upcoming week.