FDA cracking down on some cough meds

by Jacqueline Sit
NewsWest 9

"There's an increase for respiratory problems which would cause parents to look for help," Dr. Richard Bartlett with Permian Prompt Care, said.

Help for their child's well being.  But be careful what you give your kids, since the FDA made the announcement that some cough medicine on the market may not be safe.

"Because pharmaceutical company hasn't done testing for under two years old, we don't know what it would do to a child, and therefore we can't say that it is safe, therefore the FDA cannot recommend it," Bartlett said.

They've never been tested for children under 2, and now they're cracking down on unapproved non-prescription drugs with Hydrocodone.  Dr. Richard Bartlett says it's a narcotic used as a cough suppressant.

"It's addicting, it's habit forming, and that happens with children, and adults of any age without knowing, they maybe starting a new problem for their child," Bartlett said.

Dr. Bartlett says with a lot of cough cold and asthma cases, the best thing to do for your little one is to visit with your doctor.

"Sometimes over the counter medicines are helpful, but if they have narcotics in it they shouldn't be over the counter, and in general, they're not a good idea for children under 2," Bartlett said.