The Odessa Fire Department showing off their new purchases on Saturday

Staff Report

NewsWest 9

The Odessa Fire Department has 10 new additions to their already experienced fleet.

O-F-D announced the addition of 8 new fire engines and 2 new ladder trucks on Friday.

The 10 trucks will be out for display Saturday between 10 in the morning to 2 in the afternoon, at the Music City Mall parking lot, east of Sears.

This gives the community an opportunity to learn about the equipment firefighters use.

"They bought these trucks for us.   These trucks are there for their protection is to serve them.   I think it's important that they see what we're buying.   We purchased these 10 trucks, we're getting some new equipment as well, it's still coming in, so we won't have that equipment there for them to look at tomorrow, but we will have the trucks.   We just want to encourage everybody to come out, and see what we bought, bring your children, and just have a good time," Roger Boyd, Asst. Chief of Operations, said.

Citizens can also bring their cameras to take pictures with the new trucks.