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Jury finds Minnesota woman guilty of illegally downloading music



by Kristen Dahlgren
NBC News

A jury has found a Minnesota woman guilty of illegally downloading music, and ordered her to pay more than $220-thousand in damages.

It is seen as a landmark case in the recording industry's efforts to stop people from downloading music illegally.

More 26-thousand lawsuits have been filed, but this was the very first to go to trial. 

30 year old Jammie Thomas was accused of illegal music downloads.

Record companies usually settle with people accused of copyright infringement, but Thomas says she didn't do it.

"I did not download any music. I did not download or upload any music, period," she said.

Record company experts said Thomas downloaded some 17-hundred songs from Kazaa.

"Someone used her account number, that's all we'll ever know for sure," said Thomas' attorney Brian Toder.

Thomas claimed the music on her hard drive came from CDs.

The Recording Industry Association of America says illegal downloads cost them millions of dollars, and vows they will not stop suing over stolen music.

Its a promise that has many fearing their own download history, and perhaps wishing they could "get down" the old fashioned way.

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