Wisconsin man dragged in parking lot

by Melanie Stout

It's a freak accident where a car drags a man across a parking lot, and the whole thing is caught on tape!

The man was looking at his car's exhaust system, but the car next to him snagged his clothing and dragged him. The man survived to talk about it.

"As soon as I crouched down, I felt a hit on my backside," Joe Turcotte said.

Joe Turcotte was at the Wal-Mart in West Bend, Wisconsin.

He bent down to check the muffler on his car, and that's when it happened.

"I turned around to see what it was and a car was coming right at me, pushing me," Turcotte said.

Surveillance video shows it all.

You can see Joe Turcotte bending down by the side of his car checking out his muffler.

The suspect gets in her car, reverses, and hits Joe.

"She ended up pushing me on my back and I ended up behind my car," Turcotte said. "I stood up and I asked her, 'do you realize you just hit me?' Her response was 'you shouldn't have been crouched down by my car.'"

The driver never even asked if he was okay.

After the story ran on TV the woman walked into the West Bend Police Department and said she wanted to turn herself in.