Wives Weigh In: More Pay for Officers

By Camaron Abundes
NewsWest 9

ODESSA- A City Council evaluation of the City Manager and other city employees fueled flames Thursday in Odessa. The issue for wives of men on the police force; better pay. They want the paychecks here, to measure up to what officers in other cities close to Odessa's size get paid.

"There's a shortage of officers and we need to recruit and we just want our officers to be treated equally," Cindy Fuentes, a wife of an officer who started a petition calling for better pay,"It's not a major money issue we just want them to payed fairly and equally,"

"You need to have officers come to Odessa but if the pays not there the officers won't be," said Micah Ramirez, also a wife of an officer.

City officials say other cities close to Odessa's size earn a lot more revenue in taxes. They also cite a five percent pay raise for all city employees effective Oct. 1st.

"If this was a more affluent community I certainly hope police officers would be making more money," said Chief Chris Pipes, of the Odessa Police Department.

Officers, with three years experience, from other police departments can now move to Odessa and make Corporal pay, something Chief Pipes says will help with recruiting.

"I would love to see these men and women get a raise, but again there are some economic realities to deal with," said Chief Pipes.