Tired of Waiting in Restaurants?

by Jacqueline Sit
NewsWest 9

"I'm just like any other consumer, I want my food fast I want it correct and I want exactly what I want the easiest way possible," Kelly Cockrell, creator of Quick Serve Menu, said.

This Midland man is feeling the growing pain around town, so Kelly Cockrell decide to troubleshoot the problem with a first of its kind quick serve menu, right at your fingertips.

"Basically they can do their order, swipe credit card, and sit down for the order to be made," Cockrell said.

Fresh from scratch is taking a whole new meaning at a local restaurant, from ground up this high tech tool is taking up space at Schlotsky's.

"What this does is it gives us the ability, so the employees at the restaurant can spend more time taking care of the customers, and less time placing your order," Cockrell said.

Placing your own order could mean beating the crowd, "We decided to make this an express lane," Cockrell said.

And saving you some time from the express line, allows their employees devote more time to you.

"We have more staff available to clean tables off for customers, and we have more staff to pay more attention to the back kitchen, so that we can make sure to get the orders out as quick as possible," Cockrell said.

And your order is sent straight to the kitchen, we spoke to a few first time customers who used this and it's getting rave reviews.

"It's pretty cool, different, I liked it," Chase Plourd, first time user, said.

"It was pretty easy to do, just got to take your time and read," Celia Payne, another customer, said.

"My friends always make fun of me for using a debit card instead of cash, so this will be easier for me, and they can wait in line," Emma Galindo, another first time user said.

Will ordering the old fashion way be a thing of the past?

"I think everything is going to go to this eventually," Payne said.