U.S. Government launching new ad campaign to combat postal scams

by Lisa Parker

The federal government is launching a new campaign to help citizens recognize a new postal scam.

The clever new ads hammer home the idea of nasty scams that would never work in person.

But put them in email or regular mail and some U.S. consumers enter the trap.

Fall once and end up on a persistent "sucker lists."

A Chicago man who fell for one scam then received these 7 checks in one day.

Both here and in Washington, a multi-pronged initiative to get consumers to wake up to this rampant fraud.

On a new website, http://www.fakechecks.org, first person testimony that will make you cringe with stories of families being scammed out of thousands of dollars just days before christmas.

Investigators say an explosion of fake checks, money orders and traveler's checks, sent from overseas, are now aimed at virtually every american.

Funds that may originally look valid when deposited because it can take weeks to uncover counterfeits.

Speaking a group recently, Illinois Congressman Danny Davis broke it down to lessons learned in childhood.

Rep. Danny Davis said, "my mother always told me to never look a gift horse in the mouth. My father always said you can't con an honest man."