Air travel industry continues to have problems

by Kristen Dahlgren
NBC News

The numbers are in and the nation's air troubles continue.

August was only slightly better than July when it came to on-time arrivals, making this the worst year ever for air travel delays.

Anyone who's taken a trip by plane recently knows there is no such thing as flying through it.

Runways are backed up, passengers left to sit sometimes for hours, and the new numbers show nothing new.

The airline's dismal on-time arrival rates continue with almost 30% of flights delayed in August.

That makes this year the worst performance since they began keeping industry records.
Barrett Byrnes of the National Air Traffic Controllers Association said "the pilots are frustrated, we're frustrated, the passengers are frustrated and the airlines just exacerbate the problem by just adding too many flights."

The new numbers come less than a week after President Bush ordered officials to fix the problem.

President Bush said "one of the reasons airline passengers are being so inconvenienced is because the skies are too crowded."

On Wednesday, U.S. Air announced it was streamlining its Pittsburgh operations, cutting some 40 flights to make that hub more financially successful.

Whether that will streamline the passenger experience is still to be seen.