Thieves strike at Zoo in Michigan, stealing numerous animals

by Jacqueline Fells

The Wilderness Trails Wildlife Park in Birch Run, Michigan is home to more then 200 animals, but now the zoo is missing nine of its near and dear friends.

A couple of weeks ago, a baby wallaby and two fennec foxes were stolen sometime throughout the night.

The thieves cut the fence lining the more the 30 acre zoo, snuck in netting, cut the wires, and made off with the prized animals.

Now five rare tortoises are missing after a second break-in.

They range in size, with a majority of them being between 10 and 20 pounds, but one was between 50 and 60 pounds, so not an easy getaway.

It's suspected the animals were stolen for monetary reasons, but employees here just want them back so the animals can get the care they need.

"We're hoping that the community will maybe see these animals or whoever took them will turns them loose were hoping that maybe someone will see them or maybe someone purchased them not knowing and give us a call." said zookeeper Laura Wiley.

The Wilderness Trails Wildlife Park has never had any problems before these break-ins.

Staff tell us they're working to improve security.