OPD "Tye Bands"

By Mitzi Loera
Newswest 9

The "Tye Band" is a bracelet, but more than a bracelet it was made to keep the legacy of Officer Tye Pratt alive.

"Boy was that a dark night I can still remember what he said dad Tye has been shot," said Mike Pratt who run the Tye Band Company.

Officer Tye Pratt died days later in a hospital from wounds he suffered when a 21 year old man open fire on him, and his partner during a routine traffic stop, that was four years ago.

"Shortly after I was at the police union, and one of the guys there said Mr. Pratt give me your hand. I thought he was going to make a joke and handcuff me, but he slapped this little wrist band on," said Pratt.

The band had Tye's badge number and OPD which stood for the Omaha Police Department, and that is when the Tye band was born.

"People would ask about them, and we gave out hundreds of them, and then I thought this would be great to build Tye's memorial fund," said Pratt.

So soon Mike Pratt began making bracelets for other fallen officers finding out about them through word of mouth.

"That's how I find out about these tragedies, because I get a flood of emails like this situation here I received no less than fifty emails asking are you going to do, will these be available," said Pratt.

Bracelets for the fallen OPD officers are available put the Odessa Police Department wants to make it clear they have no affiliation to the product.

"Just like most of the fundraising that's been done, it's been done on behalf of the citizens private individuals who want to do something, who want to help the family," said Sherrie Carruth Public Information Officer for the Odessa Police Department.

The Tye Band Company contacted the Odessa Police Department about making the bracelets. It wasn't something sparked by the department, but by a man who wants the legacies of these officers to live on.

If you are interested in buying Tye bands of the OPD fallen officers you can visit the Tye band website at www.officerpratt.org.  The money used to purchase the bands doesn't go to the Odessa police officer's families, but into a fund for several charities in Tye Pratt's name.