Burglaries On the Rise In Big Spring

by Jacqueline Sit
NewsWest 9

Burglars hit nearly two dozen businesses in the last two months.  A staggering rate of crime that's climbing quickly around town.

"About four times more than we normally see," Sgt. Tony Everett of Big Spring, said.

That's right, police say the number of burglaries have quadrupled compared to last year.

From businesses, churches and homes, thieves are taking whatever they can get their hands on.

"Most of these I believe are drug related, they're just going to sell something quick, quick cash to buy narcotics," Everett said.

Bad guys in Big Spring are stealing to satisfy their drug habits.  It's a problem investigators are trying to stay on top of, but its something they say is much more challenging, because they are dealing with multiple culprits.

"I don't think it's any one group or individual, but it's several individuals, and possibly several groups," Everett adds, "We're just going to work as hard as we can, hopefully we can turn something up, put some people behind bars for this."