Michael Vick's legal woes continue in Virginia

by Jay Gray
NBC News

Michael Vick was not a part of the huddle outside the Sussex County courthouse Wednesday morning.

His attorneys said nothing after the hearing on Vick's state dog fighting charges, and in fact, very little inside the courtroom either.

The proceedings lasted less than 10-minutes.

Both sides simply agreeing to return in late November when Vick is expected to enter a plea, and the court will likely set a trial date in this high profile case.

Vick has already pleaded guilty to federal dogfighting conspiracy charges, and faces up to five years in prison.

The state charges of cruelty to animals and dogfighting could add another decade to the time the suspended NFL superstar could spend behind bars.

Vick has been playing defense for months.

Part of his game plan now apparently includes meeting face-to-face with some of his harshest critics.

Officials with People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals report he has been to their headquarters at least three times, and has taken an eight-hour class on empathy and animal protection.

They also said Vick has passed a rigorous written exam.

While the organization is pleased with his work, it has not changed its' stance that Vick should spend time behind bars.