9 Churches Burglarized in Big Spring

by Jacqueline Sit
NewsWest 9

Chipped doors and broken knobs, that's what's left behind after burglars hit an office at the Church of Christ in Big Spring looking for cash.  Police say it didn't stop there.

"We've had musical instruments taken, we've had several food items taken, just anything they can get they can possibly exchange for cash value," Detective Phil Whitten, with the Big Spring Police, said.

What's seen as sacred ground to many has become a big target for burglars.  They hit 9 churches in the last month, five just last week, usually in the middle of the night.

"They broke this bottom window, climbed in, and just knocked all the toys and everything off," Trissa Green, with the Church of Christ, said.

From that room, the burglars came through kicking down doors, ransacking offices and shattering a glass window, causing nearly a thousand dollars in damages, but they took off with barely anything.

"Just maybe a little bit of change, everything was a mess, and glass was everywhere," Green said.

Trissa Green has never seen anything like this before, these bad guys even made themselves at home.

"Got into the refrigerator, and got some orange juice out, and left it on my desk," Green said.

Police tell NewsWest Nine they're close to getting their thieves.  One burglar they believe is connected to the crime is behind bars tonight, after getting caught in an AC duct in Dell's last week for trying to break into the restaurant.  But investigators say this is far from over.

"Some of the problems right now is we got more than one group of burglars that's actively working in our city right now," Whitten said.

Big Spring Police tell NewsWest Nine this investigation is ongoing, and they are working on a few leads, now if you hear or see anything, give them a call.