Company creates program to copy movies from your laptop legally

by Scott Budman

If you love to watch movies you might buy some of your movies over the internet, but until now, you couldn't legally burn those movies onto a DVD.

Fortunately the law has changed, and Silicon Valley software maker "Sonic" is stepping in.

It has a software product called "Q-Flix" that will let you copy your movies legally.

That means that movie that you download onto your computer, can now legally move from your computer.

Before, because of copyright concerns, that was illegal.

"They can then take that movie experience from their laptop or PC into the living room, where they can enjoy big screen tv and surround sound," explained Sonic's Chris Taylor.

Sonic will likely be the first of many companies to jump on the DVD burning bandwagon.

You can expect to see their software pre-loaded on major market computers.