The Fina-CAF AirSho takes over the Basin

Staff Report
NewsWest 9

A few more planes than usual were flying around parts of Midland.

And a lot of those planes are from the World War 2 era.

The Fina-CAF Airsho 2007 began Saturday at the Commemorative Air Force Headquarters at Midland International Airport.

All kinds of war planes and jets are on display for this weekend.

And numerous activities went on all day today.

West Texans say this really is a great opportunity to see some marvels of the sky.

"I'm just so thrilled we have this out here.   I never get tired of seeing all that's out here, and technology, and some of the designs.   It's sort of fascinating.   History and just everything, it's something I enjoy doing, maybe the same reason other people come out," says Nelson Schott, one of many who came out to this year's Airsho.

Events at the Airsho continues all day Sunday.  Gates open at 7:30 a.m., with some of the last flying events ending at four.