Topps Meat Company recall expanded

by Jim Acosta

If you're having a barbecue this weekend before you fire up the grill, you may want to check out what kind of meat you're serving this weekend.

That's because of a massive recall of ground-beef that's been announced by this company we're standing in front of, the Topps Meat Company has announced a recall of twenty-one-point seven million pounds of ground beef, they expanded their recall from just over three hundred thousand pounds of ground beef.

That announcement coming earlier this week, but what is taking place right now is the USDA has shut down operations at this plant, because of the discovery of E-coli that has tainted some of that ground beef and so far some three people, cases have been confirmed as being sickened across the country, as many as 25 cases overall in some eight states.

So federal officials are urging people to pull those packages of frozen ground beef out of their refrigerators and freezers, and take a look and make sure it does not have this USDA number of 9-7-4-8, if it has that number people are being urged to pitch that product instead of eating it.

A Topps Company spokesperson has released a statement, that person saying this is the first recall of this kind in its sixty-five year history, and because of the way they believe their consumers eat these products, they believe that much of this product has already been consumed, and that the danger has passed.