Trojan Horsemen Help Service People

By Camaron Abundes
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND- In the skies this weekend you'll see six vintage planes flying overhead, not only for smiles on the ground, but to give fans a new way to help the men and women returning home form military service.

"All of these planes were built between in 1957-1959," said Gordon Richardson, a T-28 pilot.

"This is a North American T-28 which used by the Air Force and the Navy for advanced training for fighter pilots," said Walt Fricke, also a Trojan Horseman.

It's been more than twenty years since the T-28 took off for official military business, but on Friday evening they took our NewsWest Nine crew up.

"We fly an air show to salute the military," said Fricke, a member of the only team in the U.S. to fly the T-28 planes in formation.

Fricke founded The Veterans Air Lift Command, a non profit organization which provides free transportation to wounded service people.