Special Airsho for All Ages

by Jacqueline Sit
NewsWest 9

Reggie Norris can't see the planes that take to the skies but he leaves it up to his imagination.

"I can't see, just in my mind, I can see the planes," Reggie Norris from Midland, said.

Reggie along with dozens of students around the Basin got a sneak peek at their special Airsho.

"The planes," 6-year-old Rosa Maria Arredondo of Midland, said.

"I saw them turn around doing flips," 7-year-old Avion Wilson of Midland, said.

Warplanes to jets were showing off their spectacular stunts.

"The smoke coming out of the planes and everything," Jazman Huerta said.

"A plane turn around," 5-year-old Isaac Hickey said.

Fans of all ages were all eyes on the sky, a few of the aircrafts were a little loud for some.

"I hold my ears," Lilly Newton said.

But that doesn't keep them from coming back.

"I went last year, and I went this year," Huerta said.

"I come here about every year," Norris said.

To simply enjoy, watching, listening to a piece of history right in front of them.

"I' just glad to be here with my friends, it's fun," Norris said.