One of the so called "Jena 6" released on bail

by Kristen Dahlgren
NBC News

Mychal Bell was at the center of last weeks massive civil rights march.

Thursday, he walked out of jail on $45,000 bail just hours after the D.A. confirmed he will abide by a higher courts ruling to try Bell in juvenile court.
Mychal Bell walked out of a Louisiana jail free for the first time in months.

The teen smiled, then stood next to those who had stood up for him.

Civil Rights Leader Rev. Al Sharpton said "now after thousands, ten thousand people marched, he is free."

Bell was one of 6 reasons that so many descended on the tiny town last week. One of the so called "Jena 6," he was convicted of assaulting a white teen in a fight that followed months of racial tensions after nooses were hung from a tree at their high school.

Bell was just 16 at the time, but was tried as an adult.

An appeals court overturned his conviction, and on Thursday the D.A. announced he would not fight a ruling to move the case to juvenile court

But then, seemed to push another hot button issue when he talked about last weeks march.

Lasalle Parish District Attorney Reed Walters said "I firmly believe and am confident of the fact that had it not been for the direct intervention of the Lord Jesus Christ last Thursday, a disaster would have happened."

Local pastor Rev. Donald Sibley said "I think that it's a shame for you to say that only Jesus Christ caused what happened there last Thursday. I think it was the behavior of at least 30-thousand people or more."

Those who marched say their intention was always about peace.

Rev. Al Sharpton said "we're not fighting for the right for kids to beat each other. We are fighting to say that there must be one level of justice for everybody."

Bell and the others still face trials in juvenile court, and civil rights leaders say they will keep watching.

Even with Mychal Bell free, it seems Jena is still locked in controversy.

If convicted, Bell could be held in jail until he turns 21.

In adult court, he had faced 15 years in prison.