Andrews Gets Beautification Project

By Michael Stafford
Newswest 9

A Beautification project near the courthouse in Andrews could do wonders for the city's image.

On Thursday Night, Andrews City Council members gave 'thumbs up' to the two point five million dollar project, and the good news is that it won't cost taxpayers any extra money.

The Andrews City Council has tried several times in the past five years to start a streetscape enhancement project on North Main and Avenue B, but each time the State withdrew the funding it had promised.

So City Manager Glen Hackler and other city leaders decided to take matters into their own hands by using one point seven million dollars in reserve funds to do the job.  The county is throwing in another 750 thousand dollars.  This entire area around the county courthouse is about to undergo a major rennovation project that will include new pedestrian and handicapped friendly sidewalks, lamposts, benches, planters and more.

"We're not only going to dig up the old sidewalks, we're going to put in brand new ones with benches, 40 lamposts, and it's really going to beautify the downtown area, and hopefully bring in new business" says Hackler.

The city recently put out a community needs assessment survey, and officials say that residents spoke loud and clear when it comes to beautifying their city.

Joyce Riley is one of the managers at Family Dollar, and she's very excited about what it's going to do for Andrews and its residents.

"It's going to bring people to the downtown area, it's also going to give the citizen's a lot of pride that the city is helping beautify their city." says Riley. 

You'll also notice that many of these buildings near the courthouse are vacant, but Hackler thinks new businesses will line up to move in once the project is complete in about a year.