32 Burglaries in One Night in Midland

by Jacqueline Sit
NewsWest 9

In every one of these cases, police say these burglars simply open the doors to steal what ever they could get their hands on and it was easy for the bad guys to do because the doors were unlocked.

"This is a prime example, 32 in one night, when individuals just hit the streets and just decide they're going to steal your property," Sgt. David Garcia with Midland Police Department, said.

The burglars hit 32 times on Tuesday night in 7 west Midland neighborhoods.

Burglars hit this neighborhood 7 times in one night, taking off with cash, lottery tickets and even a bible.

"They weren't looking to take stereos console or anything, it was a quick, cars open take what's there and leave," Garcia said.

Credit cards and checks were also stolen from some of these cars.  Several suspects who could be connected to those crimes are behind bars tonight, caught for credit card abuse.

"We have all these different elements here, one that's actually committing the burglary, one that's actually using credit cards and checks that's been stolen," Garcia said.

On Thursday, NewsWest Nine checked out several of the very same neighborhoods, only to find open car windows in plain sight.  Midland Police Sgt. David Garcia says this gives burglars the green light to take what they can and run off.  These car crimes are a problem plaguing the tall city.

"The actual auto burglaries are rising and a lot of it is a crime of opportunity these folks are leaving it unlocked making it easy for these individuals to get into their vehicle and steal their property," Garcia said.

Police say it could be worse, from more stuff getting stolen or damage to your car.  They say a lot of this can be prevented, and can't stress how important it is to lock your doors.

If you have any information on this string of burglaries, call Crime Stoppers at 694-TIPS.