Big Spring Burglary

By Mitzi Loera
Newswest 9

Big Spring - The city of Big Spring has seen a rash of burglaries.
Triple the burglaries they see in one month.
One particular burglary kept officers out all morning.

This story of this burglary begins at four am when John Ramirez broke the front door glass and made his way into Dell's Cafe.

"At 3:50 is when we received the call from a citizen who was getting gas at the 7-11 which is across the street from Dell's restaurant heard a noise the clerk called 911," said Lt. Terry Chamness from the Big Spring Police Department.

"We get a call from the police station that someone has broken into Dell's Cafe, and we needed to come down here and my husband did," said Kathy Page, Owner of Dell's Cafe.

Police also came to the scene almost immediately, surrounding the restaurant waiting for the suspect to surrender.

"John Ramirez who was the one who broke into Dell's restaurant, he tried to get out the front door and saw us out there, went to the back door, and saw we were back there, so he went up into the ceiling, and then got into the ventilation system," Chamness said.

Meanwhile, people unaware of what's going on at Dell's start showing up at the cafe for their morning coffee.

"A big breakfast place and lunch. We're just very busy, so that's why you see all these people here," said Page.

Crowds gathered as if they were watching a sporting event, and watched as police and the Page's made it into their sixth hour of waiting.

"We did use some pepper spray, and he had already taken his shirt off, and was actually covering his face with it, trying to keep the effects of that from getting to him.  After several hours of trying to get him out of there an officer finally went in, and got him to come out," Chamness said.

This whole ordeal affected the owners of the cafe, and another shop just down from the restaurant.

"Because they used the gas, we're going to have to get rid of everything in there, and wash it all down, bread all my bread, all the cups we had out will have to be thrown away, salt and pepper sugar all our staples," said Page.

"You can say today is pretty much shot for us today," said Rita Franco, Owner of Franco Catering.

Police say Ramirez faces burglary charges, but could face charges for other burglaries in the city.