Backhoe aids thieves in stealing ATM Machine

by Tisha Lewis

Exposed wires are all that's left Wednesday night after police said an ATM machine was pulled from its spot in Homestead, Florida.

Police said it was an operation carefully planned by professionals that occurred early Tuesday morning.

They asked the public for help in locating the stolen ATM machine.

"I thought they took it down to fix it, repair it or something, but someone actually stole it," Bank of America customer Guiandra Griffin said.

Griffin and other Bank of America customers were forced to go to the front of the bank to do their normal transactions.

"They had the yellow 'Do Not Cross' tape," Bank of America customer Eric Velez said.

Police released surveillance video showing the brazen robbery.

The backhoe, which police said was stolen, can be seen ripping out an ATM machine.

"Once the backhoe was in position, it only took a matter of minutes," Captain Ed Bowe of the Homestead Police Department said.

Cameras rolling from all angles, including inside the ATM, weren't enough to stop the robbers.

A getaway vehicle was seen before and after the ATM robbery. It was a gold, four-door Ford F-250.

Based on the surveillance video, police said it took less than five minutes for the robbers to get away with $100,000.

The backhoe was still running when it was found nearby.