Direct TV introducing live TV to your car

by Michelle Meredith

There are already several in-car distractions for drivers, cell phones, radio, DVD players, but now Direct TV wants to add another.
The company, famous for making satellite TV available in homes, has now made it available in your car as well.

Millions of cars already have built-in TV screens, but currently they only allow passengers to view DVDs.

Direct TV wants to stream live TV into cars using a low-profile roof-top antenna.

"You figure folks are spending a lot of hours in their car. They already have their video screens. They want local channels. We are really giving folks what they want," Bob Ochsner said.

Although people may want live TV in their cars, in Florida, it is against the law to have a video screen where the driver can see it.

Everything except the GPS system has to be in the back seat.

"The TVs are great, the technology is great, but they need to concentrate on driving, because we don't have the technology the drive the car by itself quite yet," Lt. Channing Taylor of Florida Highway Patrol said.