Eldorado After Warren Jeff's Conviction

by Jacqueline Sit
NewsWest 9

In the town of about 2000, Polygamist Leader Warren Jeff's compound sits right on the outskirts of Eldorado.

The Fundamentalists Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is a religious sect that's been under the media micrscope for years.

But nowadays, not so much.

"The media has calmed down, we haven't had much media since Warren Jeffs had been arrested, most of the media attention was when he become a fugitive," says Sheriff David Doran.

Jeffs was found guilty of being an accomplice for rape, for performing a wedding between a man and his 14 year old cousin.

Schleicher County Sheriff David Doran says this conviction speaks volume.

"I certainly feel like justice has been served, and hopefully this will give the victims some closure," Doran said.

Doran also said he keeps an open line of communication with those inside the compound, and after Tuesday's verdict, he even sent out patrol to the site, just in case.

"Yesterday (Tuesday) the mood believe it or not was upbeat, they said we're prepared for this and they've been dealing with this in years past, as they call it persecution, and so this is not anything they weren't prepared for," Doran said.

Outside the compound, Justice Of The Peace James Doyle says things are running as if nothing's even happened, his main concern is for the women and children who live within these walls.

"I just think it's good that he was caught, and I just think that the people, the young girls in FLDS are going to be better off, and not be forced into marriage, and just be a baby machine for the rest of their whole life, and having one baby after another," Doyle said.

We'll never know for sure what happens behind the gates of the compound, but Doyle believes this conviction could just be the beginning.

"He's the commander, there's a lot of lieutenants that are under him who are doing the same thing, so I hope they bring more charges against those people who are involved in that whole sect," Doyle said.