Cincinnati man saws his house in half after title dispute

by Michael Moely

A Cincinnati man is accused of sawing his entire house in half, cutting through siding, drywall and windows, after a title dispute with the homebuilders.

Rodney Rogers, 66, claims he made an agreement with his friends the Bowers to buy the house they were building upon completion.

Rogers was living in the home while the final renovations were being made, and says he agreed to pay the Bowers cash.

After the house was completed, however, the Bowers wouldn't give him the title, and would not tell him for how much they were going to sell it, police said.

According to his family, Rogers lost patience with the Bowers then sawed the house in half.

"He's the nicest guy you ever met - real good guy.  He treated me well," Rogers' neighbor Zyndall Russell said.

Rogers then showed police what he had done and told them he was going to "take care of the Bowers."

Police said they found a loaded gun inside Rogers' home, and arrested him on vandalism and aggravated menacing charges.

"I think he was just trying to throw that out there and maybe use some scare tactics to see if anything would get accomplished that way," Rogers' nephew, Mark Rogers, said. "He's just worked his butt off his whole life, and he's got nothing to show for it, and this home was his pride and joy up there. So I just want him to get out and enjoy the rest of his life."

Mark said Rodney Rogers is a diabetic, and suffers from carbon monoxide poisoning to the degree that he was told he would not live past last August.

He says he believes what Rodney Rogers did was wrong, but he said Rodney deserves what he paid for.

The Bowers said they would have sold the title to Rodney Rogers, but he never offered money to buy it.

Rodney Rogers' family said they want him to be treated fairly in regards to getting the rights to the home.  He is scheduled to be back in court Thursday.