Teen Beating caught on tape

by Shannon Powell

A teen videotaping skateboarders turned his camera in time to catch the brutal beating of a 13-year-old on tape.

Those suspected of kicking and beating the teenager have turned themselves in to police.

The 14-year-old cameraman's mother had to remove him from school after threats to his life.

"The principal had called me, and had me pick him up from school," said Tonya Hansen. "His life had been threatened at school, by the same members in that video."

Hanson says the principal suggested she transfer her son to another school for his own safety.

"This is crazy," were the tearful words spoken by Monique Rainey, the mother of one of the suspects.

Rainey says she never thought her son would do what she saw in this video, especially after what happened to him recently.
"In Park Place, they double-banked him. And I couldn't believe this was happening and he was doing the same thing. This happened to him," said Rainey.

It is hard for her to watch the person she thinks is her son beating another human being.

It's hard for Reesha Price, the mother of the victim, to see her son being brutally beaten.  She says she has no hard feelings against the parents.

"My heart goes out to them," said Price.  "I don't want them to get locked up.  I feel for their mothers."

Rainey says she hopes her son has learned a lesson but he will not spend the rest of his life making up for it.

Norfolk Police are interviewing all the teens involved in this case before filing charges.