Clean up continues in Florida after F-1 Tornado

by Jonathan Petramala

Roofs that are torn off, an overturned boat, a crumpled pickup truck.

This is the neighborhood that bill cotton has to face when he walks outside his own heavily damaged house.

"Just, I felt lost. I felt like I can't believe this is happening to me," says Bill Cotton, who survived the storm.

It can be overwhelming, and it still could be if Cotton had to pick up on his own.

But people who escaped the destruction of Thursday night's tornado are helping pick up the mess.

Contractors are busy.

And so are people like James Gardner and his family.

They brought their own trash bags to their friend's house to try to tidy up before their friends get back from their son's soccer practice.

"We wanted to come out and help, you know get up some of their stuff, and surprise them a little bit," says James Gardner, who came to help clean up.

Picking up what the storm left behind while at the same time lifting their neighbors' spirits.