Community Clean Up

by Mitzi Loera
NewsWest 9

"Not much surprises us."

Morris Williams is the Superintendent of solid waste for the City of Midland.

He drove up to at the corner of Butternut and Scharbauer to find a graveyard of old appliances and other items, junk sitting in this parking lot on purpose.

"We are having a community clean up a city wide clean up we're letting citizens come out and dump out large items refrigerators, appliances, old furniture all that type of stuff," said Williams.

The guys who work at the solid waste department of Midland see all kinds of trash in their line of work so when they got out here early this morning to work even seeing this swing set didn't surprise them so they usually just sit there.

"People have you know have things they dispose of they don't know where to take it so they just put it out in the alley they think the garbage man just comes and pick those up, but we don't we just service the containers," said Williams.

At the three drop off locations on Saturday people would just drive up, and a group of men would unload the trash.

Belynda Rivera who when we caught up with her was on her second trip.

"I brought a couch earlier, and I remembered I had those pallets, and thought I would bring them by and drop them off, just no need for them, good opportunity to clean up the yard," said Rivera.

And it's clean up's like this that are not only beneficial for the community, but also for the environment.

"We're amongst metals and e waste which are our computers and things we like to take care of that stuff in the right way metals need to be taken to the proper place, and not buried in the landfill.  We can recycle that so we try to recycle, reduce, and reuse. If we can save landfill space, and make it a little easier on the citizens while still making it easier on ourselves that's the main thing."

This was the first time the City of Midland has held a large item clean and probably won't be the last.