Midland Residents Remember World War II in Special Screening

By Wyatt Goolsby
NewsWest 9

A special screening in Midland Friday reminded folks about the events of World War II. NewsWest 9 went to the preview for the upcoming PBS series, "The War." And we learned how the audience reacted to the powerful images.

"It's not fun to watch the reel, it's very emotional to me. War is real, it's terrible. And when you've lived through one like that, you always wear it on the inside," explained Emma Shouse.

A lot of memories brought to the surface Friday for those who were invited to a special presentation at the Village at Manor Park. It was all about introducing the PBS documentary series "The War." And for the generation that lived through World War II, it made them recall everything they had to deal with.

"The war years taught me a lot, that made future years easier to deal with, and I think that is true of our entire generation," said Dot Yates.

"We lived it, we breathed it. And went to bed hoping that it could end soon," said Shouse.

Some even showed us a little piece of history they brought with them. William Raies showed us a piece of trinitite, the glassy residue left after some of the first nuclear bomb testing. He worked as an accountant for the Los Alamos National Laboratory during those experiments.

"Even when they set that off, we still didn't know. We had some idea it was related. But we didn't know what," said Raies.

But with all of the history at Friday's presentation, many see a lesson to be learned from the war.

"I just hope that it impresses our youth, in some good way. They don't always understand. It becomes fantasy, you know, but it isn't. It is not fantasy," said Shouse.

The seven part documentary series, "The War," gets started Sunday at seven on PBS. The series will air over two weeks, and it looks at World War II from an American Perspective.