Two students shot at Delaware University

by Michelle Franzen
NBC News

Delaware State University went into lockdown just before 1:00 Friday morning following the shootings of two freshman students walking across campus.

"They won't even let us on campus. I'm a commuter there were state troopers all over the exits," said student Okezie Onyeanusi.

Classes were canceled for the day, and students were asked to stay inside dorms or at home while police searched for a suspect and motive.

Investigators say it appears the shooting occurred after a group of students left a cafeteria.
Delaware State University Police Chief James Overton said, "We have identified two persons of interest, both students one of whom have been located, and we're in the process of interviewing."

The university quickly alerted students, faculty, and dorm managers by phone, in person and through their website, and email notification.

Lessons learned from the Virginia Tech shootings earlier this year.

"I think the biggest lesson learned from that whole situation at Virginia Tech is don't wait. Once you have an incident start notifying the community," said university spokesman Carlos Holmes.

The shootings rattled the nerves of students.

The university has brought in grief counselors, and is also allowing upset students to make arrangements to leave campus if they choose.

The students who were wounded are both 17 years old, and both are from Washington D.C.

The campus recently held a memorial for three students who were shot and killed execution-style in Newark, New Jersey earlier in the summer.