Courtroom attack caught on tape

by Jim Forman

A Rainier, Washington man who killed his wife on New Year's Day will spend 28 years in prison - but his wife's uncle wanted to get his hands on Jeremy Lofstrom first.

Lofstrom was sentenced Thursday for stabbing his wife Sarah to death as his two children slept.

After tossing a couple of profanities at Jeremy Lofstrom in court, Sarah Lofstrom's uncle bolted towards where Jeremy and his lawyer were sitting, leaping up onto a table before two guards restrained him.

The ensuing chaos caused family members to yell out in support of the uncle. The judge immediately called for a recess and cleared the courtroom.

Sarah Lofstrom, 25, was stabbed multiple times in the first hours of 2007.  Their children were asleep upstairs in their Rainier home, but they were not hurt.

Sarah's mother, Kelly Loose, begged the judge to throw the book at her son-in-law, instead of 28 years.

"Life is hard to comprehend, anymore. I feel like I just go through the motions every day," said Loose.

Jeramy Lofstrom says after drinking half-a-bottle of tequila, he can't remember anything the night of the murder.

In court, he professed his live for the woman he killed.

"I loved her then, and I love her still as each day goes by.  I miss her more and more," said Lofstrom.

But prosecutors say Lofstrom knew what he did, methodically cleaned up the scene, tossed the murder weapon, and then called police.

"As for you, Jeramy, this is the day the Lord has made," said Sarah's uncle.

Jeramy Lofstrom was given a lesser sentence, because he has no prior criminal history.