F1 Tornado rips through Florida neighborhood

by Kristen Dahlgren
NBC News

It is now confirmed that it was an F1 tornado that touched down north of Orlando, Florida last night.  That as the system that spawned the tornado has now been named a subtropical depression as it moves toward a Gulf Coast landfall.

For many in Eustis, Florida Thursday night, there was little warning.

Storm victim Rob Adams says "I was laying on the couch when I heard the house shaking and stuff. I woke up and by the time I got to my feet, the roof come off the house."

By daylight, there was no question a tornado had ripped through their lives, tearing homes apart, tossing RV's onto houses, and pulling huge trees from the ground.

Rob says "I was scared, downright scared."

But today, that terror has turned to thankfulness.

Though 20 homes are too damaged to live in, incredibly, there were only minor injuries.

And so, as they begin to pick up the pieces, many here are realizing how much worse it could have been.

Storm victim Katie Mansfield says "everybody is coming together"

Many will need the help.

Food and water had to be delivered to some

Storm victim Bruce Jaimes says "a sandwich with water. They're giving it out to the people around here. We have no food or electricity."

It is a situation that others could soon find themselves in as the system that spawned this tornado now tracks to the west and could strengthen over the Gulf.

The threat of more severe weather moving along with it.

As the people of Eustis now clean up and count their blessings.