Car Accident saves New Jersey man from choking

by Ted Greenberg

A New Jersey man says having a car accident may have saved his life.

Bryan Rocco has a hunger for fast food but never thought a Burger King onion ring would almost kill him.

"I was eating my lunch on the road," Rocco said, adding that he soon found himself "gasping for air."

It all happened Tuesday while the painter from Vineland was driving back to his job in Deerfield Township.

"I was coughing. I tried to wash it down with soda. That didn't work," Rocco said. "I blacked out -- must have passed out from choking on an onion ring."
The SUV he was driving jumped the curb and slammed into a tree.

When he came to, the onion ring was gone.

"I guess when the airbag came out, it must've dislodged it," Rocco said. "It's just amazing. ... For once, you can say it was a good accident."

Rocco was buckled up.

Now, he's a bit banged up.

"I got a little bruise on my arm here," Rocco said.

But, otherwise, he's fine.

"Something saved him. Angels, God, whatever you believe. Something happened. I'm just thanking God he's fine," said Rocco's daughter, Stephanie Hickman.

So, after all of this, you may be wondering if Rocco lost that appetite he has for onion rings and other fast food?

Not a chance.

"We work for Burger King and McDonalds a lot, so they give free food, I eat it," Rocco said, laughing.