No Open Campus for Midland ISD?

by Jacqueline Sit
NewsWest 9

Police say lunch hour is the busiest time of the day especially around this area outside the high school.  With students speeding in and out of here, that's what they're cracking down on, to keep them and drivers like you safe on the streets.

The lunch hour rush.

"Everybody speeds some time," Angel Ayala, a junior at Midland High School, said.

"A lot of the times they get their friends piled up in the car," Chief David Colburn with the Midland ISD Police, said.

"They really don't pay too much attention and if they know we're going to be watching a little bit more closely," Colburn adds, "they might think a little bit before getting out and driving too fast."

And M.I.S.D. Police are watching these students more closely with a new policy.  Get a ticket, lose your turn to go 'off campus' for lunch plus detention.  Add to that a traffic ticket and it becomes a stiff price to pay.

The goal is to cut down on the number of traffic accidents.

"I don't think it's fair, that's not fair," Erica Overton, a sophomore at Midland High School, said.

"They should just get a ticket, that's about it," Ayala said.

Police say just issuing a ticket may not leave an impression because many times parents foot the bill.  This way the chance of doing detention or loosing off-campus privileges may put the brakes on reckless student drivers.

"I know the kids in high school are very social and by taking away time they have for lunch hour I think it will have a pretty big impact," Colburn said.

But will it change student's driving habits?

"I hope so, so that everybody would have the same privileges as everybody else and get treated the same way," Overton said.

"Not really because people are still going to speed, ain't no changing that," Ayala said.

We'll see what happens.  Now MISD Police Chief Colburn says this program started about a week ago.  So it will be several weeks before it's known if this new policy is working.  We'll continue to follow up with MISD Police and let you know the results.