Paisano Pete Bag

By Mitzi Loera
Newswest 9

It's a one of a kind initiative to keep Fort Stockton beautiful.

A landmark in Fort Stockton Paisano Pete is putting up the challenge to the people of Fort Stockton to do away with the paper and the plastic and pull out the Paisano Pete bag.

"My mom will take it to uh when she does a little bit of grocery shopping," Said Crystal Lopez Tourism Assistant for the city of Fort Stockton.

The way people shop here in Fort Stockton is changing.

"So when you go to the grocery store instead of using the plastic bags, you would use these," Lopez said.

The idea for the Paisano Pete tote came about when some city officials saw the streets littered by plastic grocery bags.

"The bags are made intentionally for us, not to use so many plastic bags. It should be a way to bring in all the trash, and to keep it pretty here in Fort Stockton. Our landfills are getting over stuffed with so much stuff that's going in so when they use these they recycle," Lopez said.

But the Paisano Pete bag project is just the stepping stone for many more environmentally friendly endeavors.

"It's actually just to start off "Keep Fort Stockton Beautiful" this is just one thing they are going to do on with many different things that are planning to be done. No one else that we know of has the bags," said Lopez.

And to get a Paisano Pete bag you just have to go by city hall and pick one up.