E.C.I.S.D. District 2 Election canceled

Staff Report

NewsWest 9

There will be no district two school board election come November.

That's because board members have already given thumbs up to the only candidate.

During a regular meeting on Tuesday night, the board declared Fay Batch the winner.

She'll fill the unexpired term of Renda Berryhill, who vacated the seat a few months ago, so her son could attend Permian High.

The other former candidate, Enrique Romero, withdrew from the race when his official address came into question.

NewsWest Nine caught up with Romero and Batch to get their reaction.

"I guess it is a relief to go through all of the paperwork and I think it was an interesting experience.  I think no had encountered anything like this before.  I am glad it is over with, I'm glad we went ahead and canceled the election, so it will save the district some money, so I think it worked out better," said Batch.

"There's still a lot of questions at hand, I did not want to campaign and let this become a bigger issue than it already is.  The District has enough issues on hand already," said Romero.