Odessa Police Cpl. Abel Marquez Laid to Rest

By Camaron Abundes
NewsWest 9

ODESSA- After eleven agonizing days, the family and friends of Cpl. Abel Marquez said good bye to their hero.

"Good friend, good father, good husband, and good man. He was a really good man," said Cpl. Larry Jacobo, Ector County Sheriff, "He was a very dear friend of mine, very dear friend of mine."

Cpl. Marquez was the third and final officer to be laid to rest, following the funerals of Cpl. Arlie Jones and Cpl Scott Gardner. Marquez died as a result of the wounds he sustained in the September 8th shooting.

"I was praying for him to pull through," said Cpl. Gaberial Hernandez, Odessa Police Department, who trained Marquez, "there are no words to describe him, it's sad that he has to leave us and his family, his kids behind. We will miss him very much."

Law enforcement personnel traveled from all over, including Lubbock where Marquez was air lifted for medical attention.

"All of the agencies coming together like this it really tugs at my heart," said Sgt. Ray Mendoza, of the Lubbock Police Department, "this is just a harsh reality of what our job actually entails."

Corporal Marquez leaves behind two children and two brothers on the police force.

"Right now very sad very sad, I've lost a very dear friend of mine, but like I said he's in a better place," said Cpl. Jacobo.